Lagos big boy, Kashy, posts a snap of himself and his popular bae, “kingadenike” showing off her *****. SEE THE SHOCKING PHOTOS

aloyklinsman All these boys that expose girls nude, I don’t know how you feel doing that, don’t something tell you that you’re being just stupid??? A girl sent or showed you her nude out of love and bcos you’re her man of course you have every right to see her nakKed, you break up with her then start exposing her nudes and calling her a hoe, your once upon a time girlfriend???? Gush! Whose the fool here??? Guys please let’s stop all these, we all should learn think before we act and not do otherwise!!! If he wanted to fuck the girl up, he should do that another way not by exposing her nude, that’s lame af! And to me a sign of defeat cos you don’t have any other thing to use against her you dumbass!#SayNoToStupidity


That’s her boyfriend, 2. They’ve been dating for years 3. She didn’t get fucked for an iPhone 7 as he spoils her on a regular.. She just came back from Dubai.. 4. It’s not her fault she’s a dope, badass, fashionista… Coming from another girl.. Saying it serves her right and you don’t even know her.. That’s so bad😞 I don’t know what got over the boy… Cos a lot of us might have done worse… I blame Kashy.. Even if he mistakenly uploaded it.. He should have deleted it ASAP … I feel bad for her cos it could have been anybody.. One time in school I was bathing n from my window I saw a flash.. Like from a phone recording me.. Imagine I woke up the next morning to see my pictures everywhere with an ugly caption.. Nobody will even want to hear my side of the story.. I feel it’s so wrong for you to laugh at her and say it serves her right.. I don’t know if she has offended you before but it’s not nice 🙏🏾

Ifi Kay
Guy I get 3 questions for u now with ur stupidity u have posted naked pic did it make u more intelligent? Did it make u more rich? Did it make u more handsome the answers are no then I think u need to grow up time waits for no one!!! Mscheeeew

Godfrey Gloria
Omg! Lord give wisdom to idiots like this guy and the babe….but knowledge to Gossip Mill for always posting rubbish! Amen

Diana Mathew
Why he do that???
Kerla O Smart
Its d girl… Y pose wt a guy like that… Even if hes ur husband? No excuse at all
Ireland Woghiren
Nawahoo children of nowadays i can see end time is at hand

Sonia Miguel Furah
That’s what you get from dating small boys. Btw, why would she pose like that anyways
MecMec Ramos Verador
Joshua Fernandez loko hahaha

Ali Faagba
Get him right. He doesn’t say Nigerians are imbeciles,he says Imbecile Nigerians. There are imbecile Americans too. Please listen well.
Kings Yung Starzy
Dis z a close door affair…Wi can do stupid finx indoors…d guy is a fool 4 posting dix in public…
Hilary SugarBoy Yagba
I read comments castigating the guy for being stupid and senseless. So what do we call a girl that is so stupid as to allow a guy video her nakked. She is in love and she has trust my foot. Senseless, stupid, idiotic girls are the ones that have no shame as to let a man video her nakkedness. Was her throat held to a knife? Abegiiiiiiii
Afolashade Korede
Very stupid guy, o matter what by posting her nudity does it makes you feel any better? Big fool
Oguayo Chukwudi
As a guy! I feel pained that anoda guy will do this. I hope sm1 take a nude picture of his Mum or sister & post online let’s see hw he feels. Ladies no matter hw much love shacks you always kno humans are unpredictable and when you gv them d chance to hurt you they’ll seize it wen you fall out with them. In relationships I think there shld b limits. D guy who posted this under whatever circumstance is an excuse for a man.

Muhammad Abdullahi Kudu
D’s is sad …later u will be running up and down saying u no get man to marry …hmmmmm…
Blessing Thapelo
SODOM AND GOMORRAH, God forbid, we dnt think HELL s real wer in for a big shock!!!!
Clara Obi
This is what you get when dealing with boys instead of men. They are nothing both Moron
Kaptan Austine
What’s the point? Offfff

Collette Ambrose
Hmmmmm boys this is why I report most people to ezeoha d quick killer ndi ara
Kele Onyi Nanex
Dis guy is Nofin but an Identified and certified dumbass #lamebrain
Haruna Garuba Idon
I keep on saying it.45% of girls are senseless. Try that your boyfriend faith by attempt to snap him nude,if he will agree with you.I wonder why some girls will be allow themselves to be snap nude… Even sent nude pictures to strangers in the name of madness. As for the guys that Always involved with such attitudes, expect it one day that somebody will do it to your sisters or daughter and sees how it hurt. Gossip naija, ride on with your stupid post.
Happy Faith
Absolute rubbish,dis is a boi,A reasonable, matured,normal person wont do dis…
Omalicha Jane Benedict
Oh is dat kingadenike d hot girl on IG…Chai it’s a pity
Wonder Trump Sanches
this is very bad to be sincere!! i dont think there is anything a girl can do to me that will make me do this to her!!!

Benita Akese
Stupid guy, as if he will not marry a woman
Mhiz Dorism
Hummmm slimbarbie adenike
Melody Rupiya
Please God forgive them for they don’t know wat they do. Grant them forgiveness oh my Lord and do not let them perish for their sinful nature Amen
James Vierra
If she is stupid enough to let a guy take her such picture, she should also be stupid enough to face the shame
Ceebina Bonsu
Geeez Haaaa gossip mill had gotten dis new already … See he did not post that pic get yr facts right plus she is his galfrnd main chick fr dat matter probaly dat pix was taken wen dey first met and smone else leaked it how wud he post his Bae nudes on social media after paying for an all expense trip to Dubai make she fr js enjoy her sef see I hav Ntn to justify as a reason why she took that pic in d first place but am sure she never knew it would result to this pls ladies out there be extra careful taking such a pix wud not prove your love to him

Uzoma Dan Andy
to all those who claim to know God better that others, stop this madness. this girl has no blame in anyway. i want to assume she is over 18. yes the parents might not be happy about this but she chose to do it, try and respect it. put blame on the guy who chose to expose their secret. this was their secret. may be you need to read you bible more to know where this guy belongs. He is a gossip and untrustworthy. According to proverb 11:13 “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”. We didnt have to see this or know about what they did but because he is jobless he had nothing else to do than this. 1st Timothy 5:13 “At the same time they will also learn to be idle, going from house to house and being not only idle, but also gossips and busybodies, speaking of things they should not mention” Proverb 20:19 “He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip”.
Nana Oforii
But this is childish
Olabisi Avu Baba
Reading comments here from some hoes I can’t stop laughing Na them send nude pass oo SMH
Offor Chisom
Too bad of u d guy why will u do dat? U disgraced her and she disgraced ursf
Mamadou Ceesay
If someone did this to a gal who is I kno or even we from dsame stage u well learn from it.cause u well do dsame to ur sister else rather not to say

Uzoma Dan Andy
For all of you self righteous nigerians. we know you as you know urself. we dont know what transpired between them but one thing is onbvious; this picture was not meant for facebook. Before you crucify her remember she is not different from you. when you slept with ur bf or gf u were naked. the only difference was that no pics were taken or pics taken were not posted on facebook. we all do this. guys stop being stupid. face the reality. the stupid person here is the guy who posted this picture not the girl who posed in love or lust. so stop acting like you never asked someone to pose before. Girls, you need to stand up for her and stop acting like you are holier than jesus. yoday is her turn, tomorrow will be urs but if you act today to deal with this guy, other guys will think twice. you can come together now and deal with this guy. you can put up good campaign against this guy to make him pay. stop castigating the girl like she did worse that u ever did. we know ur history.
Benedicta Osagie
Nothing den no go c 4 Facebook come try am 4 europe d babe don rich b dat
Ajuah M-t
Even though she is a willing participant in the picture, here in the UK she can take him to court.

Ekpereamaka Charity
some guys can be stupid, many of dem are even here commenting, anyway i blame d silly girls dt send nudes
Ajuah M-t
Gossip Mill Nigeria why would you post such nasty pictures. Are you now a pornographic website???
Slow Jerm
Nnenna Chinonso Kalu
Anyway dats wat u gain when pretend to b holy outside den inside ur inbox is sumtin else, premature guy did his job very well

Uzoma Dan Andy
please if you are the lady in picture, and u dont know what to do, contact me right away. this guy has no right to publish your nude pictures without your permission. I have already saved a copy so even if he deletes it, he must face the music. he has exposed you and there is nothing to hide anymore. So come out and fight this easy fight. Court of public opinion is on ur side. This guy has shown his worth with this act. You did no wrong posing for him if both of you agreed to do so. we are not here to talk about the moral aspect of this afterall most of us do worse. Please if there was no agreement between both of you that this picture be made public, dont sit and cry. come out and be heard. come out and make him realise whon he is; a fool forever.

Muhammed Mua’zu
This guy tends to forget that he Will get married and give birth
Francis Onuche
That’s what you get when you don’t sleep with mature guy
Folajimi James
This man should be arrested and subsequently jail for this behavior.

Francis Onuche
Girls have their self to blame, dem sleep with guys how, now see the result, girls should make love with mature guy but kids, I think that stupid boy is a kid
Victoria Schirmer
Nawa oooo Kiss and Tell
Ronny Komane
You can see she is smilling for the camera,she is enjoying nude !question is after posting, did they nominated for Grammy awards or something?

Uche Evans
The boyfriend is the stupid one.

Nedu Surplus
a lady who should be with a responsible young man or a husband instead she opt for little boys when she went to sleep with a boy of less than 25 yrs wat do you expect

Nnenna Chinonso Kalu
People do send such to me, but I end up blocking n deleting dem,matured guys for dat matter,I dey wonder wetin dey go marry put for house,which advise will dem give to de unborn? Even if am in a serious relationship and my partner travel far from me den thinking I will send my nude pic to him,dat kind tin I dey end de relationship fast fast….a fool at 30 to 35 is a fool forever nolonger 40 you knw.
Shola Frank
Why all this rubbish now

Nedu Surplus
that serves them girls right you heard me right it serves you girls right when a decent and sincere man comes for you you foolishly embarrasses him cos he is swaggless he is not a show bobo without realising that he has outgrown those shits you then ended up with a guy with swagg without realising that your sex video nude pics are part of the swag abi u no kno??
Kins O Bien
That guy is not normal, what did he gain after posting this? the same way this girl opened her body for you to mess with don’t forget that is how your sisters also do the same with strange guys. It will get to your turn.
Ezem Tony
Pls gossipmillz na only this one the guy post abeg make we see another one na hehehe



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