Charlotte Osei must be impeached – Martin Amidu



Anti-corruption campaigner, Martin Amidu, has called for the impeachment of the Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei after the December polls.
According to him, the Chairperson’s recent activities including the disqualification of some presidential candidates from the 2016 elections were unfair and obvious indication she is not neutral in the application of the country’s electoral laws.
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In recent statement, the former Attorney General expressed regret an immediate impeachment of the EC Chair will destabilize the country’s electoral process but suggested the process be initiated after the elections.
“It is too late in the month to advocate in defence of the Constitution for a reorganization of the Commission before the election, or for the impeachment of the Commissioner. This should be the task immediately after the 2016 elections,” the statement said.
The called on members of the media and civil society organizations to take interest in the matter and initiated the process against the chair.
“[This must be] conducted by responsible members of the media, civil society, and civil society organizations who love the Republic of Ghana’s constitutional and democratic dispensation of free, fair and transparent political representation for elections and referenda,” he said.
He accused the EC chairperson of pursuing “a rigging agenda with her mentors” through her initial disqualification of some thirteen presidential aspirants.
‘Ghanaians must change governance’
Martin Amidu further called on Ghanaians to “work tirelessly for change of governance at this year’s presidential election.”
He said, they must “watch the rigging agenda of the Commissioner and her mentors during the remaining election period.”

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