How to Get Rid of [email protected] Odor: 16 Ways to Beat the Sniff Test


  Every girl goes through her moments where she may not be smelling her finest. Is it a problem? Sure. Is there a way to get rid of vaginal odor? Absolutely. We all don’t smell like rainbows and sunshine every day of the week. I mean, we’re only human. Things happen. It can be embarrassing and downright smelly, but you ...

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Why Do Men Continuously Make It Look Like S*x Is One PHD To Be Bagged; Maybe They Should Add The Thirsty A$$ Messages They Sent Before That Girl Said Yes Too!


Alright gentlemen, despite your repeated assurances that you’re not talking to your buddies about our bedroom antics behind our backs – we know that it’s happening and we know that it’s often in vivid, graphic detail. Admittedly, I’m not generalising and not all men are guilty of this but more than once I’ve found myself caught in the middle of ...

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Women were not part of God’s creation plan


  Reverend George Lutterodt has ignited yet another controversial debate with the assertion that women were not part of God’s plan during creation. The astute counsellor made this remark on GHOne’s relationship show “Tales from the powder room”, while he shared his thoughts on cheating outside marriage. “You see, women will forever be a problem in the lives of men. ...

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  One of the major problems that lots of men have issues with is weak performance when it comes down to actually performing their man power skills with their woman in “the other room” during s3x. Some men finish up almost as soon as they get started, leaving their women unhappy that they cannot get the kind of satisfaction that ...

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This is why dating a FAT woman is the best thing ever


  This is why dating a FAT woman is the best thing ever  .You can say that it is insensitive calling girls with a lot of flesh, FAT and it is better when they are referred to as BIG.The word FAT, however, drives the point home and I prefer using it in this article because it will communicate effectively Bigger ...

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  Whether you’re newly dating, contently committed, or married, here are 12 ways to make sure your partner is having non-stop emotional orgasms! … A “wow” moment Yes, emotional orgasms are a thing, and they’re just what they sound like: A “wow” moment that leads to ongoing contentment in a relationship. Generally, emotional orgasms occur when you reach a peak ...

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5 tips on how to survive a painful breakup


    Step #1: Let yourself be sad. There are those breakups that are so bad that you will need a good cry and a pint (or two) of Ben & Jerry’s. Let yourself have what you need. (Note: Hanging with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda will help too.) Let yourself go and let yourself obsess over every little detail ...

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Your spouse is more important than sex – Counselor Adofoli


The reason why many employees don’t give out their best at their various workplaces has a lot to do with their bosses’ or leaders’ attitudes. Instances are cited where money is given more importance than them, forgetting the fact that they helped in making the money; where the products or results from their actions is more essential to their employers ...

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