Goodlyfe artist Douglas Mayanja aka weasel has released a brand new dancehall single titled, “Gababuguma”this is an amazing song,the song is really dope, Stream and Download it below; Your browser does not support the audio element. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MP3 WEASEL  GABABUGUMA  

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Things Most Men Are Afraid To Tell Their Woman


  Men are not the best of communicators, unless it involves talking football and sex, when needed, most will keep quiet about a number of things about their females that they find irritating at best. These things are not easy to say especially to a modern day woman who takes offense at anything negative told to her about her, moreso ...

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Shameless Things Girls Do When They Are Trying To Get Pregnant


Blogger, Heather Simpson, lists 33 (shameless) things girls do when they are trying to get pregnant … 1. You calmly start obsessing over what can go wrong on the internet. Which, as it turns out, is everything. 2. You buy a basal body temp thermometer and also start obsessing over your morning temperature. 3. You freak out if your temperature ...

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Musicians Who Have Used Their Bodies For Fame Exposed


  Years back, every female musician who rose to fame would tell her sad story to the world. Some would even forge statements to convince the whole world how they suffered to make it in the competitive music industry. They would even cry crocodile tears in front of their fans so that they could be believed. Sadly, it would later ...

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Pushed to die; not because I’m stupid [Article]


So I eavesdropped on a heated argument between some folks regarding the recent suicide cases; and I tried really hard not to interrupt their argument although I was really pushed when I heard one say that “stupidity is when you jump from a storey building to die because you are hurt, you must be a disappointment to your parents.” I ...

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Download Mp3 Iyanya Hold On (Prod. Don Jazzy)


  others think iyanya has fallen but he has rised again,this time around with a great song titled hold on in marvin records and produce by don jazzy,a song you will love to listen over and over again,many has fallen in love with this song,below Your browser does not support the audio element. DOWNLOAD MP3 IYANYA HOLD ON  

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Download Mp3 Shatta Wale I Run Ghana


shatta wale has released a song in celebration of ghana’s anniversary,in the music shatta wale says he runs ghana,is this true? comment below if you think he is really true,you can listen to song or download it below Your browser does not support the audio element. DOWNLOAD MP3 SHATTA WALE I RUN GHANA

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Download Mp3 Bracket ft. Flavour – Chop Kiss


one of the best musicians together with anohter nigerian musician who has made it big in the music industry,has once again come out with this good music,chop kiss download and share audio as well,title chop kiss Your browser does not support the audio element. DOWNLOAD MP3 BRACKET FT FLAVOUR CHOP KISS

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Things To Know When She Really Loves You


things to know when she really loves you.Boys feel confounded when they are asked for judge a women or girl. Because it may be extremely difficult to know if their girl truly loves them specially when they do not have any idea she is serious about them or just playing with their emotions. If boy is seriously and madly loves ...

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